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位於全台最大交通樞紐 台北轉運旁的 QSQUARE京站時尚廣場四樓 [喝現釀啤酒不必到歐洲] 金色三麥京站店給您最貼近歐洲酒窖的飲酒氛圍! 店內提供您最適合團體聚餐慶生的最佳場所. 開幕期間將有特別優惠. 千萬別錯過囉! 


LeBleDor grand opening at Qsquare shopping mall 12/11/2009

Our new Qsquare branch provides an European style of environment for Taiwanese people to enjoy our freshest beer in Taiwan as in Europe.  This place will the the most suitable place for catering events. For those who love Lebledor beer, please feel free to come by at the grand opening of Qsquare shopping center.

For more information please contact us

  • 金色三麥LeBleDor main office(02)7716-6666
  • 誠品酒窖店 Taipei Eslite bookstore(02)8789-5911
  • 美麗華店Miramar (02)2175-3739
  • 台中市政店Taichung shizheng(04)2255-5911
  • 台中勤美誠品店Taichung Eslite bookstore(04)2329-5911
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